Plueys Personalities

Hard-pressed to pick a Plueys design for yourself?

Read on to find the Plueys personality that best describes you.

Watch Sublime turn heads and stir a party to life. You can spot her from across the street, in a sea of strangers — loud and proud, always ready to be in the spotlight.


 There's always that girl in school that every guy (and every girl) likes. Origami Me is the resident hearthrob looks great in anything from vintage dresses to ratty jeans. She's Little Miss Perfect who can pull anything off!


Puppy Love is your friend. She's the preppy girl next door who's always fun to be with. We can't help liking her, especially when she's surrounded by these cute puppies!


Stepping into her "bootsteps" is a journey full of color and dreams. Go Fish is a true artist. Each day is a chance to express her true creativity — from her inspired sketches down to the unique details of her clothes.


Who could resist her? Lotsa Dots has it all. Exceptional beauty, natural grace and the best taste in fashion and food. This kooky charmer is a classic.


Flowers, chocolates, sunshines, and rainbows — just a few of the many things that make Sugar Plum shed a tear or two. And the one thing that's sure to make this hopeless romantic happy is dancing in the rain with her one and only.